[MPlayer-users] Bitrate filesize problem (2)

rcooley rcooley at spamcop.net
Sat Feb 8 04:14:04 CET 2003

First off, please CC me in any replies.  I recieve the daily-digest, so 
it will take longer for me to see the message, and be a little more 
difficult to reply, otherwise.  (more below)

>The calculation of 526kb/s seems correct.
>mencoder says it actually used a bitrate of 418kb/s. This usually
>means it didn't need all the bits you gave it to encode "perfectly".
>That seems unlikely in this case. What does the output look like?
It's obvious that it isn't as good as the source.  It's a very rough 
picture, and it get's VERY blocky when there is a lot of movement.  This 
is from a source that wasn't all that clean to begin with, so it's a 
major step-down in quality.

In addition, I have successfully encoded it with vbitrate=1200, and the 
resulting file is 1.1G.  Unfortunately, I didn't log that pass, or I 
would provide you with the output.  I can encode something else (and log 
the output) with any parameters you please, if that would be of any help.

>>I'm using MPlayer 0.90pre6-2.95.3 on OpenBSD 3.2, but I saw the
>>EXACT same behavior with 0.90pre8 on FreeBSD 4.7.
>Yikes! Get something newer, at least rc3.
If someone would like to provide a set of patches to allow MPlayer to 
compile on OpenBSD 3.2-stable (a port/package would be even better) I'd 
be happy to upgrade.  Otherwise, I plan to wait until there is a 
non-fractional release available, before I do some work on porting a 
newer version of MPlayer.

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