[MPlayer-users] DVD and xscreensaver

Michael A. Peters mpeters at mac.com
Fri Feb 7 15:08:27 CET 2003

Howdy -
New to list.
I just installed mplayer (latest stable) and tested it with a DVD - I
must say, it seems a hell of a lot faster at cracking the css than ogle
is - and not just from keys it cached, on the first DVD I put in (that
has never been in before).

The only drawback I find to mplayer vs ogle for watching DVD's is that
while watching the movie, xscreensaver popped on. It seems that ogle is
a little more intelligent (or less secure??) in that it disables
xscreensaver while playing a DVD.

Wasn't too big an issue - I sent the exit command to xscreensaver and
then could watch - but I was curious as to whether or not any patches
were floating around for mplayer that allowed it to suspend xscreensaver
while playing a dvd (or any lengthy video).

Of course, my preference would be for it to be a preference - and not
like ogle where it does it automagically - but I'll take anything.
Hopefully 'till then I can just remember to kill the daemon before
watching a DVD.

Michael A. Peters <mpeters at mac.com>

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