[MPlayer-users] use of libavcodec option aspect= and -vop crop

fc geryo at softhome.net
Thu Feb 6 12:40:45 CET 2003

* Eric Potter <ericp at earthlink.net> [050203, 09:30]:
> [Automatic answer: RTFM (read DOCS, FAQ), also read DOCS/bugreports.html]
> On Wed, 2003-02-05 at 07:35, Chris Sincock wrote:
> > I am still not sure which is the best way to go, ie
> >    - leave the bands, no (or conservative) cropping and use aspect=
> >    - crop the black stuff, do a bit of calculation, rescale one 
> >      dimension, and use aspect=
> > or - crop the black stuff and just rescale the movie to the correct
> >     size, and don't use aspect=
> > 
> > I eventually went with option 1 after trying the different methods
> >  as it looked to me like it produced the best video quality for a 
> >  given bitrate.
> > 
> > originally I just tried aspect=<a calculated value> to correct the
> > difference, but it only accepts a few fixed aspects.
> You do understand that if you encode with aspect, then mplayer is the
> only viewer that can correctly playback the resultant file, as
> has been stated many times on this list.  Much better to use scale IMHO.

I tried to rescale a film and leave the band (-vop scale=x:y crop=x:y), but mencoder didn't do it; if i use only "crop=x:w", the movie aspect isn't 16/9, if i use only "scale=x:y" i obtained the correct movie aspect in 16/9 but with the black bands.
With aspect=16/9 i could do it but i need to see my divx also under windows.

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