[MPlayer-users] Command for stepping frame by frame

Arpi arpi at thot.banki.hu
Wed Feb 5 23:01:31 CET 2003


> > I tried a short hack to mplayer, to alter the 'playback_speed' setting 
> > while the movie is playing. It worked fine, except that audio speed is 
> > not adjusted, and the A/V sync is lost. That's a big 'except'! I'm not 
> > well up on the code that handles the audio (timers, etc?), but perhaps 
> > someone else has the know-how about how to get the audio re-synced after 
> > the playback_speed returns to 1, or how to keep it synced while the 
> > playback_speed is > 1.
> I thought the "-speed" option was made to do this... (?)

yes -speed if for this
but playback_speed is not supposed to change after playback startedm, as
it's used to initialize audio playback (speed) too.

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