[MPlayer-users] libdvdplay 1.0.0 released

DEBERT Jean-Louis jl.debert at rsd.com
Tue Feb 4 13:38:37 CET 2003

Luis.F.Correia wrote:

>  I dont use Ogle because they don't support dxr3.
>  So I'm stuck with no menus for my DVD's :(

Why don't you use xine then ? It does have dxr3 support,
and (with the dvdnav plugin) has DVD menu support as well ...

Personally I especially like mplayer for all these formats
that are _not_ available anywhere else outside of M$ products.
(in fact it even allows me a few things that I _can't_ do 
under Windows, like for example recording a Windows Media 
data stream ...)
But for DVD access you have alternatives, even in the *ix world.   

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