[MPlayer-users] mplayer on via C3 chips / epia mini-itx boards

Steve wilton at hal.humberc.on.ca
Mon Feb 3 02:46:23 CET 2003

I've had pretty good results using the M9000 (C3 at 933MHz).

TV output quality is good, but can probably be made better using via's X 
driver - I'm currently using -vo vesa on the framebuffer. I really can't 
wait for them to open the source on their driver so we can get a good 
accelerated framebuffer driver going (apparently within the next couple 
of months, according to source @ via).

I've been able to play all of my media files & DVD's without any 
processor performace issues.

BTW I'm also running my EPIA from net boot accessing everything (except 
DVD, VCD) from NFS.

Just in case you want digital out for sound - I had to use the Realtek 
driver to get S/PDIF output working properly. Fortunately, they have a 
patched alsa0.9.0rc5 that you can use. 


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