[MPlayer-users] Floating point exception in raw yuv 4:2:0 playback

Dean S. Messing deanm at sharplabs.com
Sun Feb 2 08:27:39 CET 2003

 :: > When I add the -loop 0 flag at the end of this commandline
 :: > 
 :: >     mplayer -rawvideo on:w=1280:h=720:fps=60 Panslow.yuv
 :: > 
 :: > I get the output below.  The sequence plays (too slowly---see my
 :: i would say it's i/o bandwith problem, but you said that at the start it
 :: plays ok for a second and then it goes down so it isn't...
 :: maybe nvidia driver bug...

Regarding the slowness, I don't think I said "a second" but rather "a
fraction of a second".  Funny thing is that it may not occur right
at the beginning. It might be a second or two into the sequence that
things speed up for a moment and then go back to slow rendering.

 :: > previous message) but does not loop.  Instead it died with Floating
 :: > point exception.  Is this a bug or a feature :-)
 :: where is gdb trace? read bugreports.html

Well, I didn't know if this is known or not. I'll go back and learn
how to do a gdb trace.  I hope it's not too time consuming..

 :: > P.S.  I will provide the test seq. (750MB) if told where I can upload it.
 :: ftp.mplayerhq.hu
 :: it's in the docs...

Lot's of things in the docs.  Sorry I must have forgotten this.  I
have been all through them when I first started w/ mplayer couple of
months ago.

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