[MPlayer-users] MPlayer on the console with geforce cards

Francisco J. León espectro at inbox.lv
Sat Feb 1 20:40:23 CET 2003

I finally am able to use mplayer on the console again.
-vo vesa still does not work, but installing svgalib 1.9.17 (instead of
the old 1.4.3 one) and forcing the NV3 driver on its config has let me
use -vo svga once again.

If someone is able to use -vo vesa on a pny geforce 4 ti4200 or similar,
please advice me.

I am using nvidia's latest binary drivers (i think it does not matter
since the kernel module only gets loaded in X)

Maybe i need a bios update or something? This worked before on the same
hardware...But i am unable to trace it to a specific software version,
perhaps i should try a different distro

BTW my test movie is 576x304 and svgalib is forcing 640x480 32bpp.
Is mplayer trying to set the resolution to the movie's size and since
it's failing it sets the next one available?

Francisco J. León A.
VII Semestre de Lic. en Computación
Maracaibo, Edo. Zulia, Venezuela 

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