[MPlayer-users] lavc : strange quality, any idea?

Pierric Descamps pierric at descamps.net
Sat Feb 1 18:59:29 CET 2003

Hi there,

I've been experimenting with the lavc codec, which has come great advantages
over divx5, like for example the fact that it produces a 700MB-movie when told
so, and not a 660MB one. :-) But I find the quality of the encoded movies
quite disturbing: the picture looks like it went through the Despeckle filter
in the GIMP or in Photoshop. If you look from a good distance, it looks very
fine, but when you come nearer you see that it actually takes away many
details... I'm conscious this is a rather bad explanation, but in the case
someone gets my drift: can you tell me what this effect is and how to avoid

Thanks in advance,


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