[MPlayer-users] Real streams via rtsp protocol

Jesse F. Hughes jesse at phiwumbda.org
Sun Dec 7 15:16:48 CET 2003

Hey ho.

I'm not sure if this is an rtsp or mplayer issue.  I have sent this
same message to live-devel, but thought I'd check here, too.  Let me
know if this is the wrong list.

When I play a ".rm" file, mplayer hangs at the end of the stream (or,
if the stream is small enough, while caching it).  Even "q" for quit
doesn't work -- I have to use control-c to break out of the program.

Here's a sample stream which hangs.  Note: I use -nocache because this
stream is very small -- much smaller than 640K.  

 ./mplayer -nocache -v  rtsp://real.npr.na-central.speedera.net/real.npr.na-central/me/20031205_me_03m1.rm

I downloaded MPlayer-1.0pre2 yesterday, along with the Live.com rtsp
stuff.  If you need more specific information than this, please let me
know what to tell you.

Any ideas what's up?  Where can I find some sample non-realaudio
streams to see if this is really a realaudio issue?  Also, does
everyone else see the same problem with the command up above or is it
just me?

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