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HR haavroed at online.no
Sun Dec 7 14:54:31 CET 2003

> [mailto:mplayer-users-bounces at mplayerhq.hu] On Behalf Of Max 
> Confalonieri
> I'm using a DV camera to produce my little films, but after 
> my DV camera are 
> connected to the PC, I can create a digital file (*.avi) that 
> is very very 
> big. I'd like to reduce the size (MPEG4, ...) of this file, 
To give better advice, I think maybe you should include the output from
'mplayer infile.avi', sicen at least I don't have any idea what kind of
video and audio track is in your file (high bitrate mpeg1/2, low
compression audio or even uncompressed audio...). My advice below is not
specific for DV camera output. A simple re-encode should do, maybe
something like

mencoder infile.avi -oac copy -ovc lavc -lavcopts
vcodec=mpeg4:keyint=YYY:vbitrate=XXX:mbd=2:trell:cbp -sws 2 -vf hqdn3d
-o outfile.avi

Choose the appropriate bitrate (XXX) and keyint (YYY) for yourself,
example values could be keyint=250 and vbitrate=1000, but you'll have to
choose the bitrate you want from whatever final movie size you want. If
you're concerned with quality, and have free CPU cycles for a few hours
to a couple of days (depending on your CPU), then do a proper 2pass

mencoder infile.avi -oac copy -ovc lavc -lavcopts
trell:cbp:mv0:tcplx_mask=0.1:scplx_mask=0.1:naq:vpass=1 -sws 2 -vf
hqdn3d -o /dev/null

mencoder infile.avi -oac copy -ovc lavc -lavcopts
trell:cbp:mv0:tcplx_mask=0.1:scplx_mask=0.1:naq:vpass=2 -sws 2 -vf
hqdn3d -o outfile.avi

Ofcourse, you could play a *lot* with options, and most people here
would recommend different options/settings. You should also considering
doing cropping/scaling if applicable (cropping if there's noise or black
borders on the edge, scaling if you're short on bits). If you're
encoding at high bitrate I think maybe you should not use hqdn3d, but
I'm not sure 'cuz I've never done high bitrate encodings (yet). In that
case, other settings may be more applicable, and some of mine might not
work so well.


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