[MPlayer-users] Re: WMV Screen capture codec

Paulo Rocha paulorocha at megamail.pt
Sun Aug 31 17:24:27 CEST 2003

Michael Perkhofer wrote:

> We are just finding out, what's the best solution, to produce
> Multilanguage Videos of Screen Capturing. Using MS Media Encoder 9 we can
> produce nice and lossless videos files, at very high compression rates,
> using the WMV Screencapturing codec Series 9. As expected the files play
> well, using Windows, they don't play at all using Mac OSX. Is it possible
> to play (and access the 2 audio streams) these files using mplayer, under
> Linux?

The best solution is not a video codec, but Flash. Flash is great for screen
recording because it is lossless, producing small and crisp films.
There is a very good freeware program for Windows which outputs to Flash:

Camstudio was formely GPL. But now it is proprietary again, and the sources
are not available anymore!

If you want to do the same thing in Linux it is also possible with vnc2swf:     
Since it is VNC based, you use it with every operating system which supports

Paulo Rocha

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