NOVIRUS [MPlayer-users] DVD drive support in RH8.0?

Michael mogmios at
Sun Aug 31 03:47:02 CEST 2003

My fstab line looks like:
/dev/dvd  /mnt/dvd  auto  defaults  0 0

To make /dev/dvd I did 'ln -s /dev/hdd /dev/dvd'. Obviously /dev/hdd 
should be changed to whatever the drive is. If /dev/cdrom is already 
linked to it then you can peek at that to figure it out. Either way it 
should work as a dvd drive though. I just like to keep things named 

> No, everything is not fine, same as when I first posted, Mplayer doesn't 
> recognize that there is a dvd drive at /dev/dvd and I assumed that rh8 
> just missed recognizing it as a dvd drive or that I have to do something 
> additional for it to create a /dev/dvd device.
> I tried command "gmplayer -fs dvd://2" (as suggested by Jean-Yves Simon) 
> and mplayer launches but doesn't play anything (I assume this is because 
> it can't find any /dev/dvd device to play from).

Michael <mogmios at>

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