[MPlayer-users] Re: Commercial detection (was: Re: Can mencoder write partialfiles w hile encoding?)

The Wanderer inverseparadox at comcast.net
Fri Aug 29 23:06:41 CEST 2003

Jonathan Rogers wrote:

> Rainer Hantsch wrote:
>> On 29 Aug 2003, Erik Slagter wrote:
>> | > This is probably right. But is there a GTK2 RPM available for SuSE 8.0?
>> |
>> | Very likely. But you'll need the -dev packages too.
>> No, sorry. This is too much change in my system. When I cannot get an
>> approved  rpm for my SuSE 8.0, I will not do that. I am not such crazy to
>> risk  a shooten system for one software-package...
> SuSE doesn't have "approved" -dev packages? I thought it was supposed
> to be a pretty decent distro.

I think he meant "an approved RPM for avidemux", or possibly "an 
approved RPM for GTK2".

He also has apparently decided that installing -devel packages so that 
he can install something which is depended on by something he wants is 
more rearranging, and possible breaking, of his system than he's willing 
to risk for such a comparatively minor purpose.

Depending on how much would need to be replaced, and how much might be 
broken, by such a rearrangement, I would probably want to go 
considerably further before saying "Okay, this is too much hassle for 
too little benefit". He is, however, entitled to his own opinion on the 

       The Wanderer

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