[MPlayer-users] Problem with playing mpeg2 files smoothly

Martin Grim mgrim at freeler.nl
Fri Aug 29 21:29:58 CEST 2003


> I am facing problems with playing mpeg2 files. About every second the video
> stops for a very short amount of time. Funny thing is that when replaying the
> same mpeg2 file, the problem doesn't reoccur for the part of the file which has
> been played before.

The problem remains: I've tried basically every option and option combination 
of -cache -nocache -ao -vo -vfm etc. Grrrr.

In the end I managed to play my 5 minute MPEG2 video (300 Mbyte) smoothly, but 
for this to happen I had to dump the entire video first to /dev/null with

    cat $(HOME)/movies/5-minute-test.mpg > /dev/null

Playing the movie after this resulted in a smooth display! 

What does this tell me? I bought delibaratly the fastest hard drive (in rpm) I 
could find (playing from CDROM didn't improve things at all). Is something 
wrong with data transport from disk to memory to video card? Did I miss a 
setting? Any idea where/what I should check now?

Any tip would make me happy: now I am totally in the dark (and I don't know 
where to look for the switch).



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