[MPlayer-users] Re: Mencoder encoding to mpeg2

Jonathan Rogers jonner at teegra.net
Fri Aug 29 18:58:16 CEST 2003

Vladimir Mosgalin wrote:
> On Fri, 29 Aug 2003, Erik Slagter wrote:
> ES>> > JR>What did they want? Were they the restless spirits of programs and 
> ES>> > JR>processes that had passed on mere moments earlier?
> ES>> > 
> ES>> > Watch closely. It's really visible, at least on animation. And I
> ES>> > suppose, if you denoise before recompressing, hqdn3d will show better
> ES>> > results.
> ES>> 
> ES>> You lost me. What's really visible on what animation? All I get is 
> ES>> colorful static like from a nonexistent TV channel.
> ES>
> ES>Playing the contents of /dev/urandom...
> Oops
> ;)))
> I replied the wrong mail ;) I was talking about denoise3d/hqdn3d
> difference.

That makes me feel better. I knew there was some unspoken assumption I 
was missing.

Jonathan Rogers

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