[MPlayer-users] Problem playing DVD through USB 2.0

Lars Olesen LOL at bang-olufsen.dk
Fri Aug 29 14:16:05 CEST 2003

I have been trying to get DVD playback working.
I am using a Pioneer DVD rom (IDE) drive connected to
a IDE/USB 2.0 converter.

I have an internal DVD rom drive in that machine, and on that machine
playback works fine.
When I use the "USB" DVD drive I can play unencrypted DVD's without
problems, but
"normal" encrypted ones can't be read by mplayer.
I have tried two other open source programs as well, they are ogle and vlc
with similar results.

Today I tried the playback from the "USB" DVD drive using windvd on a w2k
machine, and using
that combination it worked although windows made the actaual playback

Can anyone explain to me why this doesn't work with linux
and opensource (mplayer) DVD players ?
Can it be fixed ?

Best regards
Lars Olesen
DSP SW designer
Bang & Olufsen
Peter Bangs Vej 15
DK-7600 Struer

Phone       (+45) 96 84 4359
Fax   (+45) 96 84 44 01
e-mail:     lol at bang-olufsen.dk

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