[MPlayer-users] pbs with matroxfd_base

Philippe Monroux ph.monroux at wanadoo.fr
Fri Aug 29 04:05:05 CEST 2003


I'm working with:

debian/linux woody
Matrox g 400 32 Mo
kernel 2.4.18-686
xfree86-common Version: 4.1.0-16

Here is my pb :

When I load matroxfb_base module with the command :

me-at $ modeprobe matroxfb_base

then I can't unload it with with the command :

me-at $ rmmod matroxfb_base 

it answer to  me that it is busy  but the lsmod command tell  me it is

an idea ? 

PS : matroxfb_base is compiled in module
Philippe Monroux
Ile de la Reunion 
E 55.3° S 21.5°

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