[MPlayer-users] Re: OT!!!- Re: Re: chopping off credits

Jonathan Rogers jonner at teegra.net
Wed Aug 27 14:13:00 CEST 2003

antonovich wrote:
>>Some of us think the endless confusion caused by the conflicting
>>definitions of kilo, mega, and giga is stupid. I won't call your
>>opinions stupid, but I will ask you to stop spouting them as fact. Who
>>do you recognize as legitimate authority beyond your own swollen head
>>anyway? Perhaps you invented the SI prefixes yourself?
> Children please! We could at least put an OT or two to warn unsuspecting 
> patrons that this had turned into a slanging match...

The units issue is a serious one, though I didn't bring it up. I have no 
desire for a flame war, but if I'm personally attacked, I will defend 
myself. Most of the discussion on this list is factual and detached, but 
Richard is relentless in his personal attacks. Maybe I should just 
ignore him entirely. It would be a shame if I had to resort to such an 
extreme, since he's one of the developers and is clearly very 
knowledgeable about MPlayer and has much useful advice.

>>I think that both "cat" and "mencoder dvd://1 -dvd-device /path/to/vobs" 
>>are usually unnecessary. I usually just use "mplayer dvd://${title} 
>>-dumpstream -dumpfile movie.vob", followed by "mencoder movie.vob ...". 
>>I guess some people might still be stuck with a 2GiB file size limit?
> Thank you to all -  there are certainly many issues to consider, though I fear 
> I will be using the -endpos option which was suggested. I saw it but didn't 
> know whether it was possible with the cat command. I was going to investigate 
> but see now i needn't. I will take the advice on the -dumpstream, cheers.

The -endpos option just tells mencoder how long (in frames or running 
time) to encode, so it requires no seeking.

>>I find this acceptible because IMDB is more convenient 
>>for getting credits than the end of the movie anyway. It may not be for 
>>someone without a persistent Internet connection or for very obscure movies.
> IMDB I assume is an internet database that gives the same information as the 
> normal credits do? I always knew that I could find the info if I looked for 
> even 10 mins. The fact that I have never wanted to just reaffirms my opinion 
> on the matter.

IMDB.com is great. It has details and discussions on almost every movie 
or TV show in existence. Once in a while, I've failed to find something 
on it, but it's rare.

Jonathan Rogers

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