[MPlayer-users] Re: Problem with playing mpeg2 files smoothly

rcooley rcooley at spamcop.net
Wed Aug 27 05:49:03 CEST 2003

Jonathan Rogers wrote:
> I don't mind at all, but you'll find what you need by searching the list 
> archives as well. Several others and I have discussed it quite a bit.
I've looked through the archives...  Either I don't know exactly what I 
should be searching for, or the search engine isn't all that good. 
Either way, searching the archives isn't quite the panacea it's made out 
to be.

I either don't get enough info, or I have to look through thousands upon 
thousands of posts, most unrelated, to find the handful that are 

> The main thing that I'm still uncertain about is whether leaving out the 
> ECC decreases the overall reliability of the movie. That is, is a movie 
> burned this way more likely to become completely unplayable sooner than 
> one with an ordinary Mode 1 ISO9660 filesystem?
Well, that's kinda a no-brainer...  Obviously, if you are using less 
error checking/correction, it's more likely you'll have an error.

However, I would say that, since Ogg/Ogm has it's own ECC,  I would 
assume (I know that's a bad word) that an Ogm burned in mode 2 is likely 
to last just as long as somelike like an AVI, burned in mode 1.

> I'm hoping that though the chance of small errors increases, the overall 
> reliability of the movie may be better, since the player can notice and 
> tolerate some corruption, which will manifest itself as visible decoding 
> errors, rather than causing the player to exit. Indeed, I've seen this 
> very thing happen when I tried to overburn too much. The last minute or 
> so of the movie had many errors, which corrupted the video, but it kept 
> playing. I think it would have simply frozen with that many errors on an 
> ISO filesystem, since the filesystem driver tries to deliver perfection.
Indeed.  You are exactly describing the difference between Audio CDs and 
normal Data CDs...  Audio CDs will just accept errors and move-on, where 
a data CD will make several attempts to re-read the section.  To be fair 
though, a damaged data CD can be read with special software that will 
re-read each damaged sector a number of times, and insert a null byte 
into the output if it can never read the data.  So, mode 1 tracks are 
salvagable if damaged, but mode 2 tracks can be played in realtime even 
with damage.  Mode 1 is more reliable in that way (so use it if the data 
is of utmost importance), but realtime playback of slightly damaged 
files is a nice benefit of mode2.  I am perfectly willing to make the 
reliability trade-offs, and think of mode 2 as the better option...  I 
make at least 2 copies of everything, anyhow.

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> Jonathan Rogers

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