[MPlayer-users] -geometry without xv or xvidix

Miguel A. Rasero tecnico at bareacomunicaciones.com
Tue Aug 26 17:31:48 CEST 2003

>>One detail that i have forbidden, to explain better that i need to get
>>from mplayer that in my horrible english, i need to do what an
>>multiplexor surveillance system do with the video signal but from
>>realvideo rtsp streamings. Thanks.

>>Hi all, i need know any way to define the geometry of the window that
>>open with mplayer without using xv or xvidix or any way to have
>>xv outputs in the same xfree desktop, i need it because i want when my
>>pc boots up opens four windows with mplayer doing rtsp streaming to an
>>helix server that i have in the same host, but i need to define the
>>sizes and geometry to can view all simultaneously, i have compiled and
>>MPlayer-20030825 from cvs with live dir and real 4.0 libs i can open
>>streams without problems but if i try to do more than one xv or xvidix
>>source, it doesn´t works, anyone can help me with this problem?
>>I am using Linux 2.4.21 with an ati rage pro 128 and amd xp 2000 with
>>512mb ram but the system isn´t a problem, i can buy other is this is
>>useful to resolve my problem. Thanks in advance.

>The problem is technical nature, most cards dont support more than
>one Xv at a time (which would need two BES which is expensive).

>			Attila Kinali

Do you know any card that support 4 xv outputs? Or any other way to
define the geometry and size of the windows with mplayer that doesn´t
need an xv or xvidix port? Thanks.

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