[MPlayer-users] Subtitles rendering

Luis Marques luismarques83 at netcabo.pt
Tue Aug 26 00:58:48 CEST 2003


MPlayer seems to render the subtitles before scaling the video. That means 
that its amazingly beautiful subtitles are not so amazing when the video has 
a really low resolution.

Can't subtitles be rendered after video scaling? Maybe as an option if that 
proves to be a performance pit. The question here is mostly because of low 
res video which shouldn't be, I assume, as resource intensive to scale as 
high res video so one option could be to set a maximum resolution for 
post-scaling rendering to take effect.

Still on the subject of subtitles, that reminds me: the position slider can 
only place the subtitles on top of the video image. But when in full screen, 
I'd like to be able to take advantage of the black borders of the video on 
top and bellow to place subtitles. It would be great if the subtitles could 
be set to those positions too.

And why not maybe just dragging subtitles to position them?

This was meant to be about the subtitles scaling but while I'm at it, one 
little thing I dislike in MPlayer is the way the fullscreen option operates. 
When I press the F key I'd like it to place the video on the screen, just it. 
But it not only does that but it also starts playing it. Same thing when 
returning to windowed mode. Also, I usually have to click two times in the 
video window for the player GUI to disappear. It's probably debatable whether 
the GUI should disappear immediately when I press F but please don't make me 
have to click two times. Why two? To select the video window first? It seems 
unresponsive. Same thing with Alt-Tab.

Other than this issues MPlayer is really amazing!

I've seen you've done a good work correcting some problems of video flickering 
and performance loss when other windows overlapped the video window. That was 
a bugger too.

Have fun.

Luís Marques

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