[MPlayer-users] AVI with duplicate frames to mpeg

Fabio Papa f.papa at mcmspa.it
Mon Aug 25 09:35:56 CEST 2003

Hi list,
I have problems converting an AVI captured from TV with mencoder. It contains 
several duplicate frames, due to the bad condition of the VHS used. If I 
convert those to mpeg, either using lavc mpeg1video or directly with ffmpeg, 
the A/V goes out of sync. I am assuming this happens because MPEG doesn't 
handle duplicates very well. 
How would one go with a scenario like this? Or, maybe better, is there a way 
to fix those duplicates, in a way that I no longer hve them in my avis, maybe 
replacing them with real copies of the last good frame?
To conclude, I already find some solution, I use mplayer with -vo yuv4mpeg and 
mpeg2enc to encode the output: this way the duplicates seems to be fixed by 
mplayer, but the process is extremely slow compared to lavc.


Fabio Papa
Engineering division
Machining Centers Manufacturing S.p.A.
viale F. e G. Celaschi 19 - Vigolzone (PC) Italy

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