[MPlayer-users] reducing size of files while conserving the audio/video quality

Maximo Ramos maximo at violadores.org
Mon Aug 25 08:10:52 CEST 2003

Time to reply!

Citando a  D Richard Felker III (dalias at aerifal.cx):
> Getting a CDR drive would be a much better choice. Reencoding will
> damage quality quite a bit -- you'll have to make the movie look
> significantly worse to get any significant reduction in size.

I already have a CDR :) but I want to stop this burning madness!!
And some files are way too huge, with mounstrous resolutions!!

Do you agree that a 20 minutes show like SouthPark takes 250MB in 352x240
 MPEG format? 
> > I choosed vbitrate 800 because according with the man page that's the minimum, 
> No, it says it's the default. 800 is actually much higher than you'll
> normally use in practice!!
oops! yes, my bad! but after doing some tests with very high quality mpeg
files (recorded somewhere from a HDTV signal), if I choose something lower
than 1800 I get too much pixelation.
> Rich
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