[MPlayer-users] Problem with playing mpeg2 files smoothly

Martin Grim mgrim at freeler.nl
Sun Aug 24 14:56:08 CEST 2003

Hi folks,

I am facing problems with playing mpeg2 files. About every second the video 
stops for a very short amount of time. Funny thing is that when replaying the 
same mpeg2 file, the problem doesn't reoccur for the part of the file which has 
been played before.

I've tried playing the mpeg2 without sound, but the mentioned hick-ups keep 

I've tried almost all possible combinations of -ao -vc -vo -vfm, but the hick-
ups keep occuring. Also, I tried -nocache, cache=8192, cache=65535

I've read the documentation, but these don't give me hints where to look for 
this problem. Without understanding the orgin of this problem, I will not be 
able to do anything about it. Can anybody help me where to look/hints/tips?



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