[MPlayer-users] reducing size of files while conserving the audio/video quality

Maximo Ramos maximo at violadores.org
Sun Aug 24 14:49:47 CEST 2003

Time to reply!

Citando a  LGW (large at lilymarleen.de):
> [Automatic answer: RTFM (read DOCS, FAQ), also read DOCS/bugreports.html]
> if you are using gnome (or even if not), you might want to try the 
> gmencoder frontend. It's really a great tool, you can crop with preview, 
> setup all (I think) parameters that mencoder has, and it's easy to use. 
> Great think to gamble with parameters. And it does 3-pass out of the box.

great tool, but no binary in rpm format, and I really can't install all
those ****-devel rpms in order to compile a gnome application.
> I used far more low bitrates with lacv, like 360. Of course you get 
> kindof ugly results, but the files get really small :)

I would like to reduce the file size but keeping the video quality.
> It depends on the result size and quality you expect, I think. You might 
> want to scale the image size down (for 360kbit I used 320*240). Of 
> course, this is really low quality, than.

Those Southpark MPEGs are 352 x 240, are you suggesting I scale down to
320*240? I will make yet another test :)
> I also suggest to use -lavcopts vhq:.... to set him to maximum encoding 
> quality. It won't take much longer to encode, but with better results.

The vhq option has been taken away from the lavcopts section (in man mencoder)
and replaced by the mbd=(0,1,2) or that's my understanding of it.
> The encoding parameters for a good result depend much on file size and 
> movie (southpark will be totally different than jackass), so you'll have 
> to try it out.

hhmm, and I thought I could use just one script for everything :(
> good luck,
>  Lars

Thanks for your reply!

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