[MPlayer-users] Funny sound RFI when encoding from PCTV

Roger Andreassen r_larvik at hotmail.com
Thu Aug 21 19:10:08 CEST 2003

Luis wrote:
>The insides of a PC are very noisy. That's the main reasin cases
>are made out of metal.

It says the PCTV can carry sound through PCI instead of going analog.

That's why I use to wuzz out of Linux to get rid of that sound encoding 
problem. When TV programs are grabbed in 'that other OS' at least I can 
post-process later using mencoder. Anyway, it comes down to Linux user 
habits rather than mencoder having problems (has it been any huh? :) )

In either OS I'm free of any sound disturbance when watching TV live. The 90 
min grab I tried (aiming for a CD size) had to be discarded bc of a quite 
disturbing rrrumble. I'm looking for a good way to pinpoint the source of 
this (PCI? CPU? the wires themself?), but I must try the PCI bus in the 
meantime if this hasn't been disabled in mencoder.

>Even if you could make a shield that would surround the entire
>card, the poor card design will always get some noise from
>the inexisting insulation of ground plains from the digital
>and the analog areas.

I had to discard an SAA-7134 card I've tried earlier. I cured visible 
problems having an unused PCI videocard in between (I didn't try to grab 
anything). Let it r.i.p.

That said, I grabbed the pricyest card at the stand. The PCTV Pro performs 
very good in either OS (all channels, stereo, groovy enough sound for my 
use) but I'd like my machine to run Linux as much as possible. I hope that's 
OK. ;-)


Roger Andreassen
Linux funker for meg!

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