[MPlayer-users] MPlayer newbie questions...

ARCTIC, N61L ARCTICN61L at mscafloat.msc.navy.mil
Thu Aug 21 15:17:13 CEST 2003

Excuse me if this sounds dumb, but I'm new to the world of MPlayer. I have 2
general questions. I have MPlayer installed on a Compaq Presario 2100
Notebook running RedHat 9.0. The laptop has a ATI Radeon U1 card, but
because of some issues, I had to use the Vesa driver for X to work
correctly. With the current install I am able to play DVDs with no problem.
I tried playing some video files, *.asf, *.avi, *.wma, and *mpgs. After a
few errors of not being able to use selected video out (vo) device, I was
able to pick one that eventually worked. Once the videos play however, they
are a fixed size of about 3"x3". I am unable to resize the actual video
window, as all that resizes is the MPlayer interface, leaving the video
window intact. So my first question...is there anyway to alter the size of
the video window itself (I've tried using the aspect ratio with no luck),
and what is the factor that is keeping the video at a set size?

Second question. In the MPlayer properties window > Video tab. There are
four video output devices listed. Maxtor something or other, 2 X11 ones, and
1 Vidix device. Are these the only available video output devices? If not,
where can I find more, and how can I find out which output device would be
suited best for a certain video type? Do the available options of Encoders
in the Encoders and Demuxer tab have any effect on which video type I'm
trying to play? I'm not too familiar with anything really related to
audio/video and codecs, so if this sounds like something that I would have
been able to figure out by RTFM, then please shoot me in the right direction
of where I would actually find it. I skimmed over the documentation, and
wasn't too understanding of everything. 

I appreciate any help in advance. Thanks.

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