[MPlayer-users] pullup and softpulldown

Corey Hickey bugfood-ml at fatooh.org
Thu Aug 21 00:37:34 CEST 2003

D Richard Felker III wrote:
> formats instead of avi. So, if you'd like to experiment with pullup
> and report your results, that would be cool....but for reliable
> ripping, one of the other options is better for the time being.
> Rich

I messed around a bit with pullup and with mplayer it looks very nice -
the output video is smooth whether the input is telecined or not. With
mencoder and -ofps 23.976 the output video is sometimes "jumpy" from too
many duplicate frames. I haven't been able to make it crash, though. :)

Anyway, I really appreciate your efforts with this, and I'm looking
forward to using it when it's complete.


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