[MPlayer-users] Funny sound RFI when encoding from PCTV

Roger Andreassen r_larvik at hotmail.com
Wed Aug 20 18:52:17 CEST 2003


my concern doesn't fall into the category I've seen this month (over-revving 
the line-in) but I hear a funny CPU revving sound when encoding live TV from 
the Pinnacle PCTV Pro.

Would it be possible that mencoder collects an amount of data and then 
compresses it at fast as possible. Before I've tried to find the real cause 
of the interference a 'nice -10' approach sometimes helps. The idea was to 
make mencoder run as smoothly as possible without smothering it completely.

I care about the well-being of Mplayer. Any other mencoder sessions are free 
of any visible/audible interference whatsoever. It's a shame I can't grab 
the same TV program twice to repeat the process, but I'm certain what a CPU 
sounds like (as in the 'Contact' movie where they try to decode the signal). 
I'm trained as an electrician but don't have a clue how to tidy out the the 
RFI physically.


Roger Andreassen.

Linux funker for meg!

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