[MPlayer-users] Re: Which TV card ?

Oliver Fromme olli at secnetix.de
Wed Aug 20 18:08:09 CEST 2003

Rainer Hantsch <rainer at hantsch.co.at> wrote:
 > -> I'll never buy a MEDION product any more, always difficulties with this
 >    manufacturer.

My Medion things work fine.  But I always check out if they
work _before_ buying them.  ;-)

 > Now I have ordered (for a lower price) an original "Hauppauge WinTV Express".
 > Ok, it is only MONO sound, but it uses an BT878 chip, so it should work out of
 > the box with SuSE 8.0/1/2   :-)

The Bt848/878 always works fine.  But the question is if
the tuner will work.  There are (literally) thousands of
different tuners.  Some work, and some don't, and some
require a bit of fiddling -- it's a matter of luck.  Even
cards with the same name can have totally different tuners.

The following page is a very valuable source of information
(it takes a long time to load, though, because of many
images).  I assume you already found it while googling for
information ...


 > Maybe, somebody also has this card.
 > I will be happy to receive his experiences with it, how to set it up, and so
 > on.

_If_ it works, it should be trivial to set up.  Follow the
docs.  There are also plenty of Howtos on the net.  You're
not the first person to do such a thing.

 > Which software can be used to record full PAL @ 25fps?

mencoder, nuvrec, ...  Consult the list archives.

 > is possible to record DivX4 on the fly, with only a light data compression,
 > i.e. to 2100 kbps. (This is the value I use when I make a backup copy of
 > my DVD's and gives excellent video quality. - and I prefer quality, no disk
 > saving.) -- suggestions?

You can record in uncompressed YUV format which is very
good quality.  Requires 15 MBytes/sec.  That way, you can
store about 3 hours on a 160 GB disk.

Well, you asked for excellent quality and no disk saving.


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