[MPlayer-users] Which TV card ?

Tuukka Toivonen tuukkat at ee.oulu.fi
Tue Aug 19 11:53:22 CEST 2003

On Tue, 19 Aug 2003, Rainer Hantsch wrote:

>8.0/8.1/8.2. The result is not very satisfying, SuSE 8.1 at least detects the
>chipset (SAA7134), but even with a longer wire in the antenna-connector xawtv
>and kWinTV did not find any station.

Maybe it requires some tuner module? At least for BTTV-based cards you need
to load the bttv module (modprobe bttv card=xxx) and before that the tuner
module (modprobe tuner=yy). Also tuner isn't autodetected (at least for my
TV card), so you need to specify it manually.

>With Windoze98, the card worked on my son's PC, but the incuded software was
>not able to record in full PAL quality on his 2GHz AMD machine... Typically

Compressed or uncompressed? I have dual PIII 933 MHz with 50 MB/s SCSI
disk and it can record real-time either JPEG-compressed or uncompressed.
For JPEG-compression I use streamer with two threads (not quite fast enough
with just a single thread), for uncompressed yv12 I need to use ext2
(reiserfs is too slow, likely due to journaling).

But I think if you get mencoder to record the video it's faster than
streamer specifically with single cpu systems. I got a jerky picture with
mencoder... and worse, it can't record into Quicktime which is required to
be able to edit the video with broadcast2000.

>o  cut out all commercials afterwards (or can some software detect
>   commercials and interrupt recording automatically?)

Not realiably, not real-time. I would like to have a feature "find next
scene change" for bcast2000, would make editing easier.

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