[MPlayer-users] Which TV card ?

Rainer Hantsch rainer at hantsch.co.at
Tue Aug 19 10:27:20 CEST 2003


Two weeks ago I bought a MEDION TV Card from "Hofer" (MD 2819) in Austria. It
had an acceptable price, so I gave it a try with my testing PC with SuSE
8.0/8.1/8.2. The result is not very satisfying, SuSE 8.1 at least detects the
chipset (SAA7134), but even with a longer wire in the antenna-connector xawtv
and kWinTV did not find any station.
With Windoze98, the card worked on my son's PC, but the incuded software was
not able to record in full PAL quality on his 2GHz AMD machine... Typically
Windoze, wasting a lot of power, therefore I want to finally use the card
with Linux...

What I have:
o  I have installed SuSE 8.0 on my livingroom PC besides my TV. It works
   perfectly as video player, so I would like to keep it unchanged.
o  Hardware: PIII-800, 256MB RAM, Asus V7100 PCI with TV-Out. Harddisk is
   currently 20GB, so data compression should be done on the fly to save

What I want to do:
o  Recording films from TV to harddisk
o  Recording must be in full PAL quality, quality shall be same or better as
   with my (very good) Video-Tape-Recorder, without frame loss.
o  Sound must be in stereo (I was told that not every TV does stereo)
o  Scheduled recording (can also be with an 'at' command.

o  cut out all commercials afterwards (or can some software detect
   commercials and interrupt recording automatically?)
o  burn the final file on CD-ROM/DVD-ROM.

Any suggestion is welcome.


  Ing. Rainer Hantsch

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