[MPlayer-users] Re: Question on "trans-coding" with mencoder...

Rainer Hantsch rainer at hantsch.co.at
Tue Aug 19 09:01:13 CEST 2003

On Tue, 19 Aug 2003, Jonathan Rogers wrote:
| Is there a *nix tool to concatenate MPEG Program Streams? Here's a clear
| answer: YES. It's called "cat." Read the manpage for details.

Thanks, I _know_ how to use 'cat'. ;-)

What I didn't know is if/that this is really possible, because it will leave
additional MPEG header(s) within the file after merging multiple mpegs this
way. I saw a lot of MPEG files crashing XINE exactly on such boundaries,
they were probably made this way, so it seems not to be such trivial...

Anyway, because I prefer DivX4, I will convert the MPEG afterwards. But does
mencoder remove these additional headers while converting from MPEG to DivX4?
It theoretically _should_, because it has to recode the whole video stream,
but when it does not ship the headers, it will cause either glitches in
video/audio, or loose sync between them.

Only to clearify:
I have already found a temporary solution for this one video, but it is not
practical for permanent usage. My son's PC also has win98 installed, with a
mpeg editing prog. There I cutted/pasted the final mpg, and then I converted
it on my linux box into DivX4. But as i said, this is no permanent solution,
and it is nut funny to transfer gigabytes over the LAN, so i am looking
for a solution without Windoze. And understanding exactly how mplayer/mencoder
work(s), will be the first step.


  Ing. Rainer Hantsch

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