[MPlayer-users] Redhat gcc bug ?

radus radus at rdsor.ro
Mon Aug 18 15:24:23 CEST 2003

Hello to all

I encountered a weird problem last night..

A friend complained that mplayer couldn't play his mov file "bengtanzhang.mov"
(i uploaded on mplayerhq.hu/incoming ).
It crashed on 
External func SHELL32.dll:ShellExecuteA
GetVersion() => 0xC0000004
HeapCreate(flags 0x0, initial size 4096, maximum size 0) => 0x854b3e0

MPlayer interrupted by signal 11 in module: init_video_codec

He has a rh 9 and he used the cvs which he compiled ...

Now on my debian sid, with another cvs this file works perfect...

I installed his rh made rpm on my debian and i got the same crash so it's not 
a codec problem...

I also tried this file on another rh box with mplayer compiled and it crashed 
there too..

I am not saying that this is for sure a rh gcc problem, but it could be...


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