[MPlayer-users] Crash playing certain MKV files

Ender mplayer-user at enderboi.com
Sat Aug 16 18:28:32 CEST 2003

Hi all,
	For some reason playing the latest releases from a certain fansub
group (duel-audio Matroska container) causes MPlayer to crash. The earlier
releases didn't, so presumably they are using a newer tools version.
Unfortunatly, I havn't been able to verify this.

mkvextract is able to extract the streams, and they play fine
individually. Mplayer is compiled with Matroska (using 0.5.0 libs from
Debian Unstable, GCC 3.3) and can play other Matroska files. Only the
recent five releases cause a crash. Unfortunatly, the crash seems to cause
mplayer to change EIP to NULL, so I cannot get a GDB backtrace or
disassembly. This is with the latest CVS, as of this message being posted.

The only intresting thing from a -v is the apparant cause of the crash:
[mkv] Found the head...
[mkv] + a segment...
[mkv] |+ segment information...
[mkv] | + duration: 1434.400s
[mkv] |+ found seek head
[mkv] |  + seek entry
[mkv] |   + seek ID: 0x15 0x49 0xa9 0x66 (KaxInfo)
[mkv] |   + seek position: 0
[mkv] |  + seek entry
[mkv] |   + seek ID: 0x12 0x54 0xc3 0x67 (unknown)
[mkv] |   + seek position: 205850152
[mkv] |+ segment tracks...
[mkv] | + unknown element at 2: N7libebml9EbmlCrc32E

MPlayer interrupted by signal 11 in module: demux_open

I have uploaded the first 5Mb of the file to

This can be used to reproduce the problem. If anybody has a patch to try,
or needs any more info... just ask :)

 - Ender

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