[MPlayer-users] Vesa Radeon support

Roberto De Leo deleo at unica.it
Fri Aug 15 13:08:54 CEST 2003

> Manuel Eduardo Correia wrote:
>> for "mplayer -vo vesa:vidix¨ the error 
> I know it says you can do -vo vesa:vidix in the docs, but I've never 
> seen nor heard of it working.

If you want to see it working without having to install anything, at 
least with the Radeon cards that support it [read below], give a try to 
MoviX (movix.sf.net).

> However, I know that vidix DOES work with fbdev (I've used it 
> regularly with a Radeon 8500 in fact), so I suggest you setup fbdev on 
> your system, and use that instead. 

I don't think the issue here is the vo driver you use: the fact, as it 
seems from a few feedbacks I've got from movix users and from some old 
email on this same ML, is that the new Radeon 9000 are so different from 
the previous ones that the vidix thing no longer works with them  :-(
Moreover, it seems that Ati has no intention to provide specs for these 
new cards so that it could be that vidix support for them will not be 
available for a while  :-((

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