[MPlayer-users] RE: 2 pass with lavc, 2nd pass looks a little worse (only a little)

upgrdman at mindspring.com upgrdman at mindspring.com
Thu Aug 14 17:21:47 CEST 2003

well i dont think the movie has any particularly intense scenes, and this happens with all of my various dvd rips now...

and yes the origion file... the vob, is like 3GB so unless u want me to upload it, i probably shouldnt. and i think that would violate the dmca anyway, and im a poor american :/ damn our laws! :)

have any of the defaults changed between older and newer mencoders? i dont think its a problam wiht my preferences files etc, as i have reformatted recently for another reason, so old corrupt preference files proably arent lingering, causing my problem.

and about the v*elim settings...i got mine from the encoding-tips.txt in the docs... i have tried compressing this same dvd without them too, as its only now that i am trying new settings like v*elim with this dvd. and about my ofps setting...your right, i'll use 23.976 from now on :) my bad.

and sorry about my email client not wrapping lines, im using my earthlink webmail online, as im working on installing evolution in garnome.

thanks again,

farrell farahbod

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