[MPlayer-users] Problem with mencoder

Vladimir Mosgalin mosgalin at VM10124.spb.edu
Wed Aug 13 18:48:10 CEST 2003

On Wed, 13 Aug 2003, D Richard Felker III wrote:

DRFI>> OF> > (some frames are skipped)
DRFI>> OF> > 
DRFI>> I wonder why mencoder does this. There is solution, though. When you do
DRFI>> cat *vob | mencoder -, it skips some frames in the beginning (and
DRFI>> produces very jumpy video in first seconds). But if you have enough
DRFI>> space,
DRFI>> cat *vob >temp.vob; mencoder temp.vob
DRFI>> works perfectly, without frame skipping. It really looks like a bug to
DRFI>> me - mencoder _can_ encode without skipping those frames, so why do I
DRFI>> have to make huge temp.vob for this?
DRFI>Eh? The problem here is field-encoded mpeg, and copying the vob to hd
DRFI>first will not help...

I'm not talking about OF's real problem, he noticed that 'some frames
are skipped' in both passes, and this is another problem. It can lead to
very bad encoding of the first seconds.

"cat VTS_01_0.VOB | mencoder -" results in skipped frames in the
beginning, "mencoder VTS_01_0.VOB" doesn't. When encoding multiple
VOB's, this is really annoying. It will be great if this will be fixed
or if it will be able to run "mencoder *VOB".



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