[MPlayer-users] Re: recording from video tapes (a novice question)

Stefan Seyfried seife at gmane0305.slipkontur.de
Wed Aug 13 09:12:31 CEST 2003

Andre Bruce <abruce at ig.com.br> writes:

> Sound allways get distorced, and changes on the mixer doesn't seem to
> afftect recording. 

did you try changing "igain" settings?

> When watching, sound is perfetct. When playing what has been recorded,
> sound is terrible.

the one has nothing to do with the other

> My capture card is an avermedia too. I am not sure, but i think it is a
> tvphone 98.
> Maybe something with avermeddia?

definitely not, other than that the tv-tuner on my avermedia card is not
very good, but i record over the Composite input anyway ;-)

> If you find out a solution, please let me know, cause i am recording
> everything with poor sound :(

check the input level with "record" from the xawtv package and remember
that some soundcards begin clipping before they reach the theoretical
maximum value of +-32767.

Oh, and if you could try not to produce annoying fullquotes... ;-)
 Stefan Seyfried, seife at gmane0305.slipkontur.de

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