[MPlayer-users] Misc. Questions Related to Mplayer, Mencoder

Sanders, Bridget (Contractor-SimTech) bridget.sanders at us.army.mil
Mon Aug 11 18:14:04 CEST 2003


I'm running MPlayer V0.90 on a RedHat 8.0 Linux System.  This PC has an
nVidia GeForce 4 (128MB DDR) graphics card installed.  I wrote a bash script
that captures a series of screen images in the .PNG format.  I used mencoder
to store the .PNG images within one file in the .AVI format.  The command
line was similar to what was posted in your documentation.  When I utilize
gmplayer to play the .AVI file, I noticed that the gray coloring of the
Window GUI Frame is a Pinkish-Purple color (fuscia?), and the dark gray
color of the desktop background is various shades of green.  Did something
go wrong when I used mencoder, or is this a difference in bit interpretation
(data that was supplied vs. data expected) by MPlayer?

Also, the end goal for me is to capture these screen images into a file
format to use with QuickTime (as an embedded movie in a PowerPoint
Presentation).  The simulation can only be run on a Linux system at this
time, which led me to your software.  Any ideas on how I can convert the
.AVI file to a .MOV file (or is there a different encoding format that I can
use via mencoder)?  This is my first experience with this process on Linux
(I've used media recorder on SGI before), so please bear with me.

If I need to supply more info., please let me know.



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