[MPlayer-users] DV support

Adam Nielsen a.nielsen at optushome.com.au
Sun Aug 10 09:38:59 CEST 2003

> Does it mean that support for playing a DV stream inside an AVI file is
> under development, or support for playing a raw DV stream (in its own file,
> not encapsulated in anything) is under development?

I can't answer the "under-development" part, but I am successfully using 
mplayer to play both raw DV streams and AVI/DV streams.  You can even use the 
-cache option to stream the DV directly from the camera.

> Can mplayer play a DV stream thats inside a quicktime file?

I've never tried this, but I assume it would be possible.  Last time I checked 
though, QuickTime can save the files with a "dv" extension, which IIRC is 
just standard raw DV.

Hope this helps,

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