[MPlayer-users] Re: recording from video tapes (a novice question)

Janusz S. Bień jsbien at mimuw.edu.pl
Sat Aug 9 09:59:31 CEST 2003

On 08 Aug 2003  jsbien at mimuw.edu.pl (Janusz S. Bień) wrote:

> The problem described below occurs both in zapping and
> mplayer/mencoder, installed from packages on Debian unstable.


> I can also record the TV broadcast with good quality.

When I tried to make more experiments, it appeared that the above
statement was too optimistic. Although I managed to do some recording
with mencoder and zapping, today I am unable to repeat the success :-)

Actually I am not sure my problems concern recording or replaying. At


you can find an AVI file together with mencoder parameters used to
create it and the mencoder output.

When I replay it, I have no sound. Can it be related to the fact that
mencoder says

        AUDIO: 44100 Hz, 2 ch, 16 bit (0x10), ratio: 176400->176400 (1411.2 kbit)

while my on-board card supports only 48000?

However, I have the same problem with zapping despite the fact that I
changed the appropriate settings to 48000.



dr hab. Janusz S. Bien, prof. UW
Prof. Janusz S. Bien, Warsaw Uniwersity
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