[MPlayer-users] newbie with RH 9 again

john sandidge jsandidg at bellsouth.net
Sat Aug 9 02:44:01 CEST 2003

Thanks, Everyone, for the advice.....I may try to compile from source,
as suggested....Dominik, Thank you very much.  I obviously jumped in and
really did not read any documentation.  Once I simply right-clicked on
the screen, I was able to load the DVD and play without a problem. 
Although I've used PCs since the early DOS (occasionally challenging)
days, I suppose that I've become lazy with windows programs that will do
something when loaded...or at least I know what to expect.  I am,
however, thoroughly enjoying the challenge learning Linux...although it
has only been a month and I am beginning to sense and hopefully
understand the differences between operating systems and file
structures.  Maybe RedHat wasn't the best first choice.....but I had
been playing around with Knoppix reasonably well.  Oh well, learn as we
go!  I agree, things that are easy do not gain merit!

Thanks to all,

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