[MPlayer-users] MENCODER: AuDIO OF SYNC when recording from TV

Bokor Norbert norbert.bokor at lebelier.hu
Fri Aug 8 09:54:17 CEST 2003

>To stop loosing frames i just had to use -oac COPY, mp3lame was my

copy mode is the nicer solution, but I have more CPU load with copy than with -oac pcm...

>Now i record with -oac COPY then i re-encode it to mp3lame.
>btw, mencoder is using 80% of my cpu, and i can do many other things
>like use Evolution, konqueror, konsole, licq, etc :P
>I checked mplayerhq.hu and i have the lastest version. Are you using
>that g2 version?

not yet, it's at home, but I still haven't enough time to try it :(

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