[MPlayer-users] Re: audio title on dvd does not play, possible bug

matt zagrabelny z at saturnsys.com
Sat Aug 2 18:31:40 CEST 2003

> I've noticed that mplayer stops as soon as the video stream comes 
> to an end, even if there is more audio. At least, that's what it 
> does with Ogg containers. So, that could be the problem if you're 
> correct about the short video stream.
> This is a bug in my opinion. Presumably, movies with mismatched 
> audio and video track lengths are rare enough that the bug slips 
> by. Or, maybe it's a basic limitation of mplayer.

yes, i agree. the image is displayed and then mplayer exits.

do you know if a bug has been filed or if there is any plans on
rectifying this?

also do you know of a workaround to listen to the audio?

-matt zagrabelny

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