[MPlayer-users] new inverse telecine filter!

Brian J. Murrell brian at interlinx.bc.ca
Tue Apr 29 21:53:06 CEST 2003

On Tue, 2003-04-29 at 15:37, D Richard Felker III wrote:
> I don't see the file....are you sure you uploaded it?

I'm sure I uploaded it but for some reason, the name was not as I asked
in the "put" command(s).  The two files are test.mov and
mencoder.output.  Strange.

> BTW, most likely this means the input content is NOT telecined,

It's most definitely telecined.  I edit it with glav (from mjpeg-tools)
which allows me to step one frame at a time (something I wish I could do
with mplayer) and I can most definitely see the 3:2 pull-down.  It
should also be top-field-first, as I believe lavrec always grabs/stores

> but
> just plain 60 field/sec interlaced.

Definitely not.

> It's also possible that you
> captured at the wrong framerate (i.e. anything but 29.97 is wrong).

I know it has to be 29.97.  But it is the right framerate.  From the
mencoder.output I refer to above:

MOV: longest streams: A: #1 (458 samples)  V: #0 (458 samples)
[V] filefmt:7  fourcc:0x61706A6D  size:352x480  fps:29.97  ftime:=0.0334

> But I'd like to look at the file anyway to make sure, so let me know
> where you put it...

Sorry about the file (re-)naming foul-up.

I should have noted in my original message, that I get decent
(progressive, non-every-4th-repeating frames) results from detc with
this same file.

Brian J. Murrell <brian at interlinx.bc.ca>
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