[MPlayer-users] menconder duplicate frames always (NODAEMON)

Moritz Bunkus moritz at bunkus.org
Sun Apr 27 10:14:20 CEST 2003


> Yes, on a recent CPU, audio encoding should be able to go at well over 
> 150 fps; my Duron 800 encodes Vorbis audio at around 90 fps (using 
> transcode, which seems to be inexplicably much more efficient than 
> piping output from mplayer to oggenc through a FIFO; I suspect the 
> FIFO's buffer is much too small).

transcode makes excessive use of pipes. My guess is that your mplayer
options for dumping are not 'optimal' - e.g. '-vc null -vo null' vs '-vc
dummy -vo null'.

 ==> Ciao, Mosu (Moritz Bunkus)
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