[MPlayer-users] video output problem

Jonathan Rogers jonner at teegra.net
Sat Apr 26 10:39:31 CEST 2003

Bruce Park wrote:

>>> Here's what my config file looks like
>>> =====================================
>>> gui=yes
>>> vo=xv
>>> ao=oss
>>> skin=Blue
>>> cache=1024
>>> =====================================

> Well, if I remove ~/.mplayer config, it always uses mplayer(w/out the 
> GUI), even if I call gmplayer. Once I put this file back, then GUI is 
> started no matter which binary is called. This is because gmplayer is 
> just a soft link to mplayer.
> Any ideas on the error message? I'm running debian and I'm using the 
> tdfx driver for the voodoo3000AGP.

It's not too hard to guess that the "gui=yes" line is what enables the 
gui. Yes, I tried it on my machine. When you don't have that line, 
however, "mplayer" doesn't start the GUI, but "gmplayer" does.

Probably, the playback problem is because you're trying to use a video 
out module that doesn't work. That's why it matters which config file is 
being read. When it does work, which module is being used? RTFM to find 
out that adding "-vo help" to get a list of video drivers you can try. 
Maybe "xv" doesn't work with your hardware or maybe you don't have 
Xvideo turned on. In either case, another vo module like "x11" will work.

Actually, you said running "mplayer" does work, but "gmplayer" doesn't, 
right? Well, it seems that "mplayer" is using the "xv" module, but there 
is probably something different in "gui.conf". If that's the case, 
running "gmplayer -vo xv" might work.

Jonathan Rogers

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