[MPlayer-users] menconder duplicate frames always (NODAEMON)

Jonathan Rogers jonner at teegra.net
Sat Apr 26 05:26:05 CEST 2003

D Richard Felker III wrote:
> So let's see, you have two options:
> 1) Wait for vobcopy/mplayer -dumpstream/whatever to slowly copy the
>    dvd to your hd, then do the audio prepass quickly, then do the 2
>    video passes.
> 2) Do the audio prepass slowly from dvd, then do the two video passes
>    from dvd.
> Sounds to me like both take the same total time, but option #1 also
> uses several gigs of hd space and puts extra wear on the hd....what a
> great idea!! ;))

I'm pretty sure that reading directly from the DVD for each of three 
passes will wear out the DVD-ROM drive more than reading the VOB's once. 
Direct from DVD has to read the same data three times from DVD, instead 
of once. It also requires the drive motor to be running for many times 
longer, possibly spinning up and down in the process. The hard drive's 
motor is running at a constant RPM all the time anyway, and it's 
designed for that usage pattern, while the DVD-ROM drive probably isn't.

In my case, I use a machine without a DVD-ROM drive to do the encoding 
anyway, so I have to copy the VOB's. You would also need to copy them to 
do any kind of cluster transcoding. The way I do it, copying the VOB's 
doesn't take long compared to the actual transcoding. Also, who said you 
had to wait for the VOB's to finish copying before starting the 
transcode process?

Jonathan Rogers

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